b human! Singer Gabi and the guitarist Schmalli started collaborating in a jointproject for a recording studio in 2014.  Quickly after they realized their potential and followed the songwriting and have produced 20 compositions as of today.


Since 2012 both musicians have performed together and form an amazing musical unit.  

Gabi, a talented singer, is from Singen (BW, Germany). She managed to achieve professional status in a few years. She has been highly recognized because of her striking and clear voice. Her theater experience bestows her with a special charisma.

The lyrics, Gabi wrote, came from personal experience, experience that anyone can go through. Their compositions are interpreted with emotion and authenticity.. Beside b human! she has also singed the Rock Cover Band -7rockx-.


Schmalli is a versatile guitarist who comes from Siegen (NRW, Germany). His musical influence goes from classic to heavy rock. He has many years of studio and stage experience, which include European countries. A production with the band -Whetstone-, -The Immortal- and by -Disarray- was released and received very good ratings in the trade press. The song, Trip into my mind, composed by Schmalli and -Disarray- was released 23.000 times. His experience as guitar teacher in different music styles has an incredible influence in b human!.


In summer 2015 b human! was ready to produce their first CD. They started looking for an extraordinary producer and found Mike Lindauer. In October of that same year they started recording their first long player at Landei-Studio.


This studio recording experience was followed by a very intense, creative and long production time. During this new fase the musicians could give their songs a new horizon with full support from producer Mike.


Still before finalizing the recording b human! raised interest with various record labels. In august 2017 they signed a contract with the -7us Media Group-. Shortly after b human! was nominated for the 35th Germany rock a pop price.